Flautist Althea Rene

The Jazz Queen interviewed Flautist Althea Rene on Talking Smooth Jazz blog talk radio. Althea is an accomplished Flautist with an extensive background in music. Her current CD is titled “In The Flow”, and is currently #4 on the Billboard BDSradio.com. Follow Althea on Twitter @flautistdiva.

Click below to hear the interview.



The website for Talking Smooth Jazz is http://www.talkingsmoothjazz.com. June 8, 2013 is the 5 year anniversary of the site. “Talking Smooth Jazz is an internet radio talk show hosted by the Jazz Queen and Mike Reynolds. We provide the premiere online platform for regional, national, and international smooth jazz artists to share their music and a chance for thousands of fans to meet them. If it’s smooth jazz, then the Jazz Queen and Mike Reynolds are talking about it on Talking Smooth Jazz. We look forward to Talking Smooth Jazz with you.”

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