Brian Simpson’s awesome performance

Brian Simpson had an outstanding performance tonight here in Charlotte, NC. The opening act was also his band for the evening. A band full of some of the finest musicians in the business. John Dillard was on bass, Joe Lindsay on guitar, Calvin Napper on drums, and Lavell Bradford on keys. When Brian joined them on stage, the energy went to another level. He opened up with “South Beach.” Then he took us back to the “It’s All Good” album and played “Here With You.” Brian said, “that was the song that put him on the map.” Calvin showed off his incredible skills when featured on “What Cha Gonna Do.” Each artist displayed their musical skills showing everyone just how great they are. Brian explained that on each of his projects, track #4 is always the song that slows it down and sets the mood. He went on to play “Let’s Get Close.” His performance was full of amazing. He got down on his knees during one song, as well as playing to the crowd. He closed the show with “It’s All Good.” The perfect song to finish with because Brian’s performance was truly all good.  


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