Steve Cole has come full circle in his career that has spanned 15 years. He had a great start with the success of his debut album “Stay Awhile” which earned him two #1 singles. His latest and 7th album, “Pulse,” embodies snippets of Cole’s background in R&B, blues, gospel, and rock and roll. “Pulse” takes listeners on a musical journey beginning with the title track that he co-wrote with Nicholas Cole. Its funky and smooth groove sets the stage for a collection of tunes produced and co-written with David Mann. The first single, “With You All The Way,” sounds like pure Steve Cole. Listen a little longer, and you’ll be mesmerized by his beautiful cover of “Going In Circles,” then end your journey with the fusion of gospel and jazz, “Believe.” In Steve’s own words, “Pulse” can simply be described as: “This is Steve Cole.” Steve is touring to promote “Pulse” and working on a new project with Sax Pack alongside fellow saxophone players Marcus Anderson and Jeff Kashiwa.

Steve and I had a great conversation.

Steve Cole
Steve Cole
Steve Cole
Steve Cole

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