It is apparent that Theresa Grayson was born with a gift, a gift that she’s embraced and shares through her music. At the age of 4, she could play all woodwind instruments, the piano, and the guitar. It wasn’t until the age of 8 that she cultivated a lasting relationship with the saxophone. She grew up in musically competitive environments that helped her master her art. Music is her passion, it’s evident in every note she plays. Theresa is also very dedicated to her education. She’s earned two Masters degrees and is pursuing a Doctorate degree. Amid it all, she continues to thrive and excel in every area of her life. She’s worked hard and waited for such a time as this. Her sophomore cd, “Live 2 Love,” is a compilation of soulful cover songs and beautiful originals that mirror anthems of a love story. Her rendition of “Smooth Operator” maintains the authenticity of the original, yet she makes it her own. One of her originals, “Close Your Eyes,” is so captivating, it will transport you into another world. Theresa’s music is just as colorful and vibrant as she is. Grayson’s vocals on “Live 2 Love” are sultry, funky, and oh so smooth. She attributes her work with artists like Kirk Whalum, Marion Meadows, Jeff Majors, Ronnie Laws, and Jessy J with framing who she is as an artist. Her first single is “Afterthoughts,” and her cd is set to be released on November 5th.

Talking to Theresa was inciting, fun, and motivating.

Theresa Grayson
Theresa Grayson
Theresa Grayson
Theresa Grayson


  1. Grady Carter June 7, 2014 / 12:05 am

    Who is the photographer of your photos?!!

      • Grady Carter June 21, 2020 / 5:49 pm

        Tony Gaines is the Photog

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