Listening to Eric Darius’ new album, “Retro Forward,” you can believe the title to be true. After ten years in the business, he is not looking back. Well… not really. As an extension of himself, he drew inspiration from the music of those whom he admired from the past and fused that essence with who he is evolving into. In doing so, he allows his fans to enjoy a refreshing vibe from the Eric Darius they love, and new fans are climbing on board. Like a painter gazes at a blank canvas in preparation to create, Darius embraced forging forward into the unknown. He moved into a new world, reinventing himself and his music by working with producers Tony Dixon and Blu2th–both who, by the way, weren’t familiar with his music. Together, they created everything from the anthem driven title song, “Retro Forward,” to a dance tune, ballads, and two covers–one on which he sang and the other being Pharrell’s “Happy.” It has been so successful that it has made it to the Top 25 Billboard; a giant leap but one that he was sure would help bring forth music for everyone. In my opinion, Eric’s success at taking on the unfamiliar and pushing the envelope is exciting and welcome. I asked him what would best describe what he has accomplished with “Retro Forward.” His response: “a breakthrough.”

Listen to Eric describe his journey:


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