Chris Godber is celebrating the release of his latest project, “Starting Over.” If anyone appreciates and understands the true meaning of “Starting Over,” it is Chris. He learned very early in his life that with God and faith, new beginnings are possible. After dedicating his talent and love for playing the saxophone to God, promising to always use it for him, Godber has excelled at keeping his promise. “Starting Over” is Chris’ pathway of re-entry and rebranding himself in the world of Contemporary and Smooth Jazz. Chris worked with Caleb Middleton as producer on “Starting Over” and credits him with expanding his musical boundaries. In addition to Middleton’s work as producer and keyboard player, Godber was also joined by Adam Hawley and Lowell Hopper. Together, they created eleven original songs and a cover of “At Last.”

Chris tells me all about “Starting Over”:

Chris Godber Starting Over Album Thumbnail

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