Spanish guitarist Jesse Cook is an international artist who is known for traveling and recording all over the world. It’s not that it was so much his plan to do so; it just so happened that during his travels, he fell in love with the various sounds different cultures had to offer. Coming from a classical, flamenco, and jazz background, Jesse already possessed his own style and sound. He admittedly gets excited about music from around the world. His ninth album, titled “One World,” is a reflection of what the world sounds like to him. Before being re-released in the United States on October 2, 2015, “One World” had already debuted at number one in Jesse’s homeland, Toronto, both on the jazz and the world music charts. Amassed with vast knowledge of music and instruments from around the world, Jesse created a melting pot of guitar, jazz, flamenco, pop, and gypsy. He very beautifully weaves a tapestry of influences together, putting the focus on the world. For Jesse, making music resembling other places and times that fit together like puzzle pieces into the music of here and now is what it is all about. After the U.S. release of “One World,” Jesse is embarking on a concert tour.

Jesse and I talk about the language of music heard through the worlds eyes:

Jesse Cook


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