How do you celebrate thirty years of making music? You release your 22nd album in honor of such an accomplishment. The Rippington’s are celebrating their thirty year anniversary with the release of “True Stories.” The album was recorded with all original Rippington members. Rippington’s founder Russ Freeman is jubilant and is ever so grateful for the fans who have been with them and brought the group this far. As fans are well-aware, The Rippington’s never disappoint. The group is admired by their peers and revered for their talents. Over the years, they have collaborated with artists such as Bob James, Patti Austin, and Joe Sample. It is the group’s ability to combine varying styles of music that is unique. Russ always has a “visual point of reference” when writing new music. He always strives to push the envelope and lets his imagination guide him when recording new music. “True Stories” is comprised of ten original songs and features Jeffrey Osborne on the tune “My Promise.”

Russ and I talk about the music and “True Stories”:








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