Justin Young is just in time for the November 17th release of his fourth album “Blue Soul,” fashioned and created by Justin’s desire to “get back to his roots.” Hailing from Detroit, Young automatically pulled his inspiration from the soulful music he grew up listening to. His approach to “Blue Soul” was to create music the good old-fashioned way. As a result of his determination, Justin, along with a cast of A-list musicians, recorded in the studio. His tenacious spirit paid off, and the momentum of “Blue Soul” has been non-stop; the pendulum is steadily swinging in his favor. Young told me he was “going to make sure this project flies.” To his credit, that, he did. His third single “High Definition” was recently released, and his first single “Always There,” written and produced by Jackiem Joyner, made the Billboard Top 25 and the Smooth Jazz Top 20 Countdown.

Listen to Justin and I converse about this project: 


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