In the midst of a pandemic, Lindsey Webster, alongside the rest of us, is adjusting to the new normal. She released her fifth album, “A Woman Like Me,” on March 27th. Since then, “A Woman Like Me” has debuted #1 on iTunes jazz, and this week, the album is #1 on the Billboard chart. The project is doing extremely well and is bringing joy and positivity to Webster’s fans. Lindsey collaborated with artists she’d never met yet had always admired. Nathan East adds a solo to the title track, and Vinnie Colaiuta and Luis Conte can be heard on other songs. Creating and recording with new energy was an enjoyable part of the making of this album. Webster grew up in Woodstock and has always been supported and given the freedom to be her true self; it’s evident when listening to all of her music–especially, on this album. She is at the apex of her career and unapologetic about the woman she has become. Lindsey is always striving to better herself and figure out her place in the world. 

Listen to my conversation with Lindsey about her new album: 




  1. ASWAN April 14, 2020 / 2:31 am

    One of the best in Contemporary Jazz & Soul I’ve ever heard in many years. Every Album she gets better & after all my time in & out of this business Lindsey Webster has fully accepted God’s gift. We’re all very proud of Lindsey & your band… Many Blessings of Love, happiness & Peace always.

    James jones – A.S.W.A.N. ENT. MUSIC NEWS GROUP

  2. ROBERT BACON April 14, 2020 / 9:57 am

    GREAT interview!!! Your chemistry & energy with all the Artists you feature is always so enjoyable & informative.. Keep up the awesome work Pink & Blue Notes!!

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