There are times when you encounter an artist who has sustained a successful career for decades. Howard Hewett has done just that. The longevity of his career can be attributed to his fans, his delivery of great music, and to being “evenly keeled.” Without a doubt, Hewett believes that “you must learn how to deal with circumstances, rather than let circumstances deal with you.” He learned this at a very young age, and it has remained his essential way of thinking, subsequently sustaining him. Although, his fans will always love the music from the past, they are still engaged and excited about his latest songs. Howard’s latest sexy thriller is titled “Better Guy.” It’s the second song released from his forthcoming project. Again, the “common thread for Howard is his vocals” no matter the style of music. The new album will be released through IEG – The Incendiary Entertainment Group, which Howard is a huge part of.

Howard and I have a candid conversation: