Phil Denny’s arrival to the music scene has many on the edge of their seats anticipating his next moves. As a businessman turned musician, Phil chose to pursue his passion with the idea of “risk versus reward” in mind, and that decision has proven to be a very wise one. Since his ascent, Denny has captured the hearts of fans around the world.  He has done so by not only being very talented but by also being personable and grounded. Phil’s goal has always been to “build a brand and an identity.” In doing so, he has allowed fans to unequivocally and without a doubt participate in the journey with him. Denny worked alongside producer Nate Harisim as well as other fine musicians on his debut project, Crossover, in 2012–a formula that has earned him three songs that climbed into the Billboard Top 30. He continues to woo fans with his performances and by speaking to them passionately through his playing.

 Phil and I have fun while discussing his career:


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