Takeover…..take me away!!!

I’ve spent the afternoon in my car being serenaded by the “smooth” sounds of INNERTWYNED. I’ve heard the CD so many times that I can whistle and hum every single note on it. That’s how much I LOVE IT!! You can never tire from listening to it, and it will never get old. Every time I think I’ve picked out my top 2 or 3 songs, I continue to listen and realize that there is NO way I can pick just 2 or 3. They all rank #1 with me. It’s unusual for a CD to have me from start to finish.

The title “The Takeover” is so appropriate because that’s exactly what it does. It transforms you and takes you to a place where only you and the music exist.

Hey, that’s me that shows up occasionally in the video, on the front row, at the bottom right side of the screen. Yes that was me with my blue purse in my lap. LOL! I still remember hearing the music coming from the speakers outside on that beautiful evening.