He may not…, but he is…

He may not own a Grammy. He may not have ever topped the billboard charts. However, he is one of the best singers God put on this planet. His is the first singing voice I fell in love with, and I’ve been loving it for almost 45 years. If I had to choose a musical idol, it would without a doubt be him. He started to sing at a very early age. It was apparent to his Mother and everyone else that he had a gift. Having recognized his talent, his Mother took him to appear on a show back in the 50’s called “The Old Rebel and Pecos Pete Show” that aired on WFMY-TV in Greensboro, NC. It was one of the first kids shows. It captured an audience of thousands of kids. Even though it was during the days of racial unrest, kids from all ethnic backgrounds came together on the show. WRAL out of Raleigh, NC once hosted a variety show on Saturdays that spotlighted various individuals and groups in the late 60’s. He was a featured guest on that show as well. If I had a wish, it would be that I could find some footage and photos from those days. To have watched him over the years perform as an adult is one thing, but to see and hear him singing as a child would be the BEST THING EVER. Believe me, I’ve tried to recover anything I could from the archives, but to no avail.


Below are 2 video clips. Please forgive the random “other” people you may see. They just couldn’t resist rudely popping in and out of my view. It’s not my “best” taping as you will see. However, I did the best I could while surrounded by party goers. LOL!

Where it all began

I’ve spent many years indulging in the musicality of many great musicians. As a child my Mother would play artists like Noel Pointer, David Sanborn, Bob James, Miles Davis, and Bob Marley just to name a few. So I grew up listening to the best. Traveling with my Father and his band as a young girl I was constantly in the presence of great vocalists and musicians. Not only did I travel with him, but I would always be on stage doing the dance moves and singing behind the main vocalists. The stage has always felt like home to me. I love it! Being on the road exposed me to all genres of music. My Father who has sung with such great artists such as the Temptations, Impressions, Percy Sledge, Clarence Carter, The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Diane Ross and the Supremes, The Manhattans, Little Richard, Chubby Checker, The Platters, The Drifters, Jackie Wilson, Alabama, and many more. Over 20 years ago while traveling and singing during my college breaks with my Father’s band, I really became immersed in all types of music. Motown, beach music, 60’s and 70’s era, funk, and everything in between.  When not on the road, I attended a variety of concerts from Michael Jackson, to Prince , to Yellow Jackets, and Wynton Marsalis. My musical palette is very diverse.

Young Monica on stage with my Daddy.
Young Monica on stage with my Daddy