Lebron Dennis

Lebron Dennis is not only a skillful saxophone player, but he’s arrived on the smooth jazz scene and proved he has exactly what it takes. At a young age, Lebron developed a love for the saxophone. He taught himself to play and soon became an integral part of the elite Young Sounds of Arizona. Over the years, he developed a sound that uniquely sets him apart from others. His ability to express himself with every note he plays engages his audience, transporting them into his musical world. He is the future of smooth jazz, and that future is looking very bright. Alongside Darren Rahn and Paul Brown, Lebron’s CD “SHADES” is a telling story of who he is. The title track is indicative of the shades of Lebron. His single, “Groove City,” debuted at #1 on the most added groove jazz chart. He is also a member of generation next along with his musical peers Nicholas Cole, Julian Vaughn, and Lin Rountree. In his own words: “Sound. It’s all about the sound.”

Listen, and you’ll feel his passion for the music he creates.

Lebron Dennis
Lebron Dennis
Lebron Dennis
Lebron Dennis

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