Haven’t we all wished we had the chance to do some thing over again? Of course we have. According to Jessy J, she too wanted that chance, thus the title of her latest cd: “Second Chances.” It boasts funkiness, sexiness, and grooviness. Being a multi-instrumentalist, playing the saxophone, piano, and flute, and also being a singer and songwriter adds creative texture to the cd. She produced this project herself, collaborating with Jeff Lorber, Norman Brown, Jimmy Haslip, and Joe Sample. With a collective core of musicians such as that, the outcome is sure to be a winner, and Jessy’s beautiful vocals are sure to enhance the overall tone of the project. She has successfully fused jazz, latin beats, and R&B into each song. The first single, “Listen 2 The Groove,” has just that: a groovy vibe, and her vocals take it to another level.

I talked with Jessy J about “Second Chances.”

Jessy J
Jessy J
Jessy J
Jessy J

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