When thinking of a violinist, most probably wouldn’t envision Daniel D. However, this contemporary violinist is determined to show the world that he’s not to be put in a box. He is a gifted young musician who fell in love with the violin at an early age. Although this was not his plan originally, he’s grateful for the opportunity to share his love for music and the violin. Daniel has already garnished a long list of accolades and has performed for some pretty incredible people, including Michael Jackson. His cross genre ability makes him even more appealing to his fans. It doesn’t matter if he’s in front of a large crowd or a small one; his energetic performances leave his audiences spellbound. Adding to his performances on stage is his incredibly talented band, “Urban Instrumentalist.” They too are eclectic and extremely talented. It wasn’t that long ago when Daniel released his debut album “Play For Me” in 2009. Three albums later, his latest project, “SonRise,” is inspirational and captivating audiences all around.

In our interview, he shares his passion.

Daniel D
Daniel D
Daniel D
Daniel D

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