Darryl E. Jones is everything but typical; he has a background that some may find puzzling. However puzzling it may be, it’s also just the foundation Darryl needed in order to evolve into the musician he is today. As a young boy, he loved playing the flute. In latter years of his youth, he laid it down and picked up sports. By the time he was in High School, he began to learn about Aviation Studies, followed by playing semi-pro football and becoming a body builder. Although his life took turns that led away from music, it was never a question for him in terms of what he really longed to do. Darryl’s passion and yearning to pursue music propelled him back to the flute. He’s exposed himself to multiple genres of music, and you can hear those styles infused throughout his CD “Relentless.” It’s the perfect title for his latest project, representing his unwavering determination to finish what he started.

He inspired me during our conversation.

Daryl E Jones
Daryl E Jones
Daryl E Jones
Daryl E Jones

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