It’s not such a far fetched notion that the artist known as Deqn (pronounced Deacon) Sue was destined to make music a major part of her life. In fact, music is the platform she skillfully uses to create songs that provoke and awaken our social conscious. Deqn’s first album was titled “Idiosyncratic.” Since we all have our own idiosyncrasies, she chose to write about a few of them. She’s an artist that is very true to herself and her artistic style. She’s always known who she is, and most assuredly doesn’t apologize for it. As a strong, confident, comfortable, and unwavering singer, Deqn Sue will always exhibit honesty in her music. She joined forces with producer Kelvin Wooten, and together, they created “Zeitgeist.” It’s her second album and is set to be released in February 2014. Again, in the essence of who she really is, Deqn captures the spirit of the time we’re living in. She describes her music as “eccentric alternative pop.”

It was so much fun talking to Deqn Sue. She definitely has a fan in me.

Deqn Sue
Deqn Sue

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