What do you get when you combine a tenacious businessman and a passionate jazz musician? You get The Aston Grey Project. Chris Clay, the force behind the group, hails from New Orleans and is no stranger to the music business. So, it only makes sense that when he embarked on the quest to start a jazz band, he would enlist some very fine musicians.  Collectively they released the sultry laid back CD, “Chill Lounge.” It consists of 12 songs that offer something for every listener. The first radio single is “Relax Your Mind,” and the project has seen a tremendous amount of success–even internationally–in a very short period of time. The group has already completed their next project titled “The Sounds of 52nd Street,” a swing jazz EP. This year will be very busy for The Aston Grey Project; they are set to begin touring as well as putting the finishing touches on another CD slated to be released in August titled “Changing The Game.” Chris assures me that it is going to be outstanding. I can’t wait to see them perform live as Chris will step from behind the piano and become the conductor for the band.

Chris and I share our passion for jazz and our commitment to doing our due diligence for the genre:

The Aston Grey Project
The Aston Grey Project

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