The excitement is in the air for singer, songwriter, poet, and producer, Offiong Bassey. Today, February 4th, her debut self-titled album “Offiong Bassey” will be released. The CD is set to make an impact amongst her fans as well as new listeners. She is a breath of fresh air and possesses an eclectic style that carries over into her music. Offiong makes a point to weave her Nigerian heritage and native tongue into the music she writes. She also collaborates with producers and musicians from all over the world to help authenticate the music she creates. Her passion, creativity, and desire to be true to herself makes her music very relevant. Her song “Legitimate Child” will be released to radio and has a significant message. Offiong wants everyone to know that no matter your circumstances or where you come from, you matter because you were made by your creator. She is elated about the endless possibilities in her future and will embark on a tour as well as record an unplugged album this spring.

Offiong and I converse as she opens up about her music.

Offiong Bassey
Offiong Bassey
Offiong Bassey
Offiong Bassey

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