Chris Geith has been preparing for his successful career from a very young age. He grew up in a musical home and without a doubt knew that he was destined to be a musician. Throughout the years, Chris has always written music from the heart. And that music touches many lives through a vast array of outlets. It’s very likely that you’ve heard a song by Chris playing while watching TV and not known it, whether on VH-1 or Animal Planet. He is an artist that promotes himself and does all his own marketing. To his credit, he has won the hearts of fans who have given him huge success via the internet and downloads. Geith had a couple of albums such as “Island of a Thousand Dreams” and “Timeless World” that were in the top 10 bestselling Smooth Jazz albums on CD baby. For his latest project, “Chasing Rainbows,” Chris answered his fans’ request for the release of some of his music that was featured on the Weather Channel. Just as with past projects, “Chasing Rainbows” and Chris are giving fans just what they want. Chris and I have a candid discussion about his musical career:


Chris Geith
Chris Geith



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