Nick Colionne has wowed his fans for years as a super talented jazz artist and thrilling entertainer. In all that he does, the driving force within him is his family and the music. Although he’s received many awards and honors, he is most impacted by the Wayman Tisdale Humanitarian Award. As much as he loves being a musician, it is just as important–if not, more–to be known as the man behind the music and his heart. He has another passion, as well: being a mentor to children and doing charity work. I have given him the name “Pentagon,” representing 5 sides of Nick Colionne. He is a guitarist, vocalist, spirited performer, mentor, and philanthropist. Colionne commented that now he has to strive to be an octagon. While in the midst of working with children, he consistently makes music that keeps his fans longing for more. His latest album, “INFLUENCES,” is an array of songs expressing his road to rediscovery. With each new project, Nick pushes the envelope just a little bit more. He describes “INFLUENCES” as passionate, uplifting, and from his heart. During our conversation, we discovered that we both chose the same song as our favorite from “INFLUENCES”…”when you love someone.”

Nick Colionne
Nick Colionne

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