If you’re a fan of the best musicians in the world, or if you’ve ever listened to any music, I assure you you’ve heard the sounds of Nathan East. He’s been making music for the last 40 years and has set a precedent that far supersedes most musicians’ careers. Nathan is driven by his passion for music and his family. Those forces have propelled him to the top of his craft. Additionally, he is a founding member of the renowned group, Fourplay whom he still performs with. All throughout his career, he’s been a sought-after collaborative force that has worked with the best in the industry in a variety of genres. At the behest of fellow musicians, East took a leap into the spotlight releasing his debut solo self-titled album, “Nathan East.” For his fans worldwide who love his music, he has delivered a collection of songs that will leave you longing for more. For this project, he joined forces with Bob James, Chuck Loeb, Michael McDonald, Sara Barielles, and his own son featured on the song “Yesterday.” Although this is Nathan’s solo album, he remains true to who he is as a seasoned musician and welcomes his collaborators to showcase their talents, as well.

Nathan tells me about his journey and how blessed he feels everyday.

Nathan East
Nathan East


Nathan East
Nathan East

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