Sam Rucker

Saxophonist Sam Rucker has something to say, and he wants everyone to listen. Thus, he titled his sophomore album “Tell You Something,” set to be released on June 3, 2014. Although his roots are in hip hop, his love for the saxophone has led him into the world of contemporary jazz. When listening to this album, you can hear bits of hip hop, gospel, and soul. Having written, co-written, and produced 8 original songs and his own rendition of 3 classics, Sam made sure to keep it organic and authentic. His first radio single released to radio is “Be True 2 Who U R.” Sam chose this song because he recognizes the importance of being true to yourself and your craft no matter what it is, and he knows that everyone can benefit from that lesson. Rucker believes that music should be felt and should feel good. He has surely accomplished this with “Tell You Something.”

Sam and I have a great conversation about his new album.

Sam Rucker
Sam Rucker

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