Saxophonist Paul Taylor is ready and set to release the 11th project of his illustrious career: “Countdown.” On September 9th, his fans will get the opportunity to experience Paul like never before. Taylor keeps an open mind and pays attention to new sounds and elements in music. Thus, he is armed with a diversified palette to create “Countdown” from. Paul collaborated with his longtime friend and co-producer, writer Dino Esposito. Their working relationship is built on years of trust and respect. The title track, “Countdown,” is the first song on the cd and sets the tone for the mystical journey ahead. “Arrival” is the first single and is flirtatiously soulful. Guitarist Peter White joins Paul on the sultry song “Polaris.” And amidst his saxophone playing, Taylor garnishes “What You Love” and “Knocking At The Door” with his laid-back vocals. He adds just the right amount of spice by giving fans a little something different. Paul is an artist who likes to keep current and listens to all music, staying engaged. Paul said, “I feel like I’m just coming into my own.” Admittedly, this is a new direction for Paul, and he is embracing it.

Listen to my conversation with my friend Paul: