Funky Bass Man John Dillard

Sitting in the studio with John Dillard, I realized the magnitude of his talent. He’s smart, creative, original, and constantly evolving. His peers revere him as “an asset”, and “one of the funkiest.” John is humbled by those accolades, and works hard to exceed what’s expected of him. Having been influenced by great artists like Jaco Pastorius, and Marcus Miller, John knows how to infuse multiple styles of playing into his own. He contributes to the local music scene in Charlotte, NC, and was fortunate enough to work on the 2012 pilot track for the Golden Globe Award Winning show Homeland. While collaborating with other artists on various projects, and being the musical director for Stephanie Mills, he’s also stepped into his own spotlight. John is working on his solo project “Let’s Ride” that is scheduled to be released later this year.

My live video interview with John.


John Dillard
John Dillard

Guitarist Joe Lindsay

Joe Lindsay is a soulful songwriter whose smooth sounds are evident every time you hear him play. Whether on his debut CD “I Wanna Groove”, or on stage with artists such as Stephanie Mills, or Brian Simpson. His music speaks to your emotions, and will always make you feel good. I sat down with Joe and had a conversation about his career.

PBN Joe, tell me when music became your calling.

JOE During my early teenage years when I was inspired by my next door neighbor who would sit outside on his porch and play the bass really loud, Bootsy style. He even had the Bootsy glasses. The funny part of the story is that I actually wanted to play bass guitar, but my parent’s bought the wrong one for Christmas. So it’s their fault I play guitar today.

PBN Did you play in High School?

JOE Yes, I started off playing the saxophone and was first chair every year. In 10th grade I switched to tuba. I switched to tuba because I like to play around a lot. So during band camp, the tuba’s would spot the 50 yard line, and didn’t have to do too much. It also leads back to the whole bass thing. I like being part of the low end.

PBN You attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. While there, what were some of the most valuable lessons you learned about music and about yourself?

JOE To be honest, it was a very excellent school. They give you so much information that it doesn’t really click until after you leave. I learned about theory and the music business. Learning is a lifelong journey. I was there with Lalah Hathaway, Delfayo Marsalis, and Roy Hargrove. So it was great being surrounded by music all the time.

PBN What drives you to continuously evolve?

JOE The love of music and keeping up with what’s going on.

PBN What would you say you like the most between songwriting, performing, recording, collaborating, and managing your own career?

JOE Songwriting of course because of the creative part of it. Performing because you want people to feel what you’re doing. If they’re grooving, you’re grooving.

PBN Who are some of the legends in the industry that have inspired you?

JOE On the songwritng side, Curtis Mayfield, and Miles Davis who’s my all time favorite. On the guitar side, my all time favorite guitar player is Hiram Bullock. I love his style and his diversity. He plays and has fun at the same time.

PBN You write your own original music, you co-write, and you collaborate live.
Do you enjoy one of those more so than the others?

JOE I can’t say I like one more than the other. They all tie in together.

PBN When collaborating and co-writing, you’ve worked across different genres of music and artists.

PBN Do you know who you want to collaborate with when you’re writing?

JOE I know who’s sound I want, and I know who can give me that sound, so I call them up.

PBN Who are some of those artists?

JOE Kenneth Leonard, Rischard Jenkins, John Dillard, Marcus Anderson, Adrian Crutchfield, and Calvin Richardson

PBN You are known as a soulful artist, and you create music that is heartfelt and feels good.
How do you connect the soul and the heart together to create the music?

JOE It’s all feeling. Play from the heart and hope the people you’re playing for feel it. I come from the whole blues background. I love that stuff.

PBN When recording your CD “I wanna Groove”, did you draw from personal experiences?

JOE Maybe some. It’s kinda different when you’re doing instrumental music with no lyrics. But the ballads like track 7 “Your Eyes”, that’s for the ladies. That’s a good mood changing song in a good way.

PBN I’m looking forward to interviewing the many talented artists from North Carolina. Having said that, you are the first one, but on your CD you collaborated with some of the other’s.

PBN How was it collaborating with your fellow friends and musicians?

JOE It’s fun to work with your peers on one another’s projects.

PBN Finally, tell me what it feels like to have your debut album be as successful and well received as it has been.

JOE It feels great. It means a lot of my hard work is paying off. It’s doing what I need it to do. I’m planning on doing another smooth jazz CD. First, I have to continue performing and introducing “I WANNA GROOVE.”

PBN How can fans keep up with what you’re doing and where you will be performing?


Joe Lindsay "I WANNA GROOVE"
Joe Lindsay “I WANNA GROOVE”
Joe Lindsay
Joe Lindsay

An evening with INNERTWYNED, Shelby J, and Jeff Bradshaw

What a beautiful evening it was in Charlotte. The backdrop for the evening was Club Label at the NC Music Factory.  The Jazz Diva Tammy Greene once again gave guests a show to remember. INNERTWYNED opened the show for Jeff Bradshaw.  They featured vocalists J’Vito  and Shelby J. Shelby J brings to the stage her amazing vocals. She’s not only an artist in her own right, she’s also a a back-up singer for Prince.  Their on stage energy is amazing.  The vocals were POWERFUL.   INNERTWYNED is undoubtedly the BEST band in the area.  They’re not just a band, they are REAL musicians playing REAL instruments.  They’re so good, they recorded their debut CD “The Takeover” in one day.  When asked, they describe their music as universal, timeless, labeless, feel good, old school quality with a new school groove, soulful, authentic, and sexy because it comes from the heart.  Reggie Graves, the base player in the group has a Gospel CD out titled “The Time Is Now.”  J’Vito, lead vocalist of the group is working on his debut R&B CD.  I can’t leave out the very important fact that INNERTWYNED is Grammy Award winning artist Anthony Hamilton’s band.


Then Mr. Jeff Bradshaw takes the stage and brings energy that has the audience on their feet, and dancing in their seats.  He doesn’t just play the trombone, he entertains.  I had a chance to sit down with Jeff after the show and ask him a few questions.  Jeff realized at age 23 that he wanted to be a trombone player for a living.  His father was a trombone player as well as a singer. He was raised in the United House of Prayer Church where there was brass instrumentation and trombones all around.  Growing up he listened to the music his Father loved, old funk and gospel.  Artist such as James Brown and Fred Wesley.  He says, “once I met Fred Wesley, that was it for me.”  Some of his other musical influences are Prince, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Jackie Wilson, and the legendary George Clinton. This year he is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his first CD “Bone Deep.”  He’s also in midst of celebrating the 1 year anniversary of “Bone Appetit” which earned him an NAACP Image Award Nomination.  He’s working on a new project that includes some major artists, and should be released later in 2013 or early 2014.  He told me “This album will be my BEST work.”  It was an honor to interview Jeff.  I’m looking forward to his new project, and i’ll definitely be seeing him again.

Jeff Bradshaw

Click on the link below to watch a clip of my interview with Jeff Bradshaw.