When you start playing piano at age four and over time evolve into a multi-instrumentalist all while still a young man, your future has promise. Al DeGregoris simply wanted to be like his older family members he witnessed performing in a band. He had to have it, and so he went after it. To his advantage, Al not only honed his talent but also learned the technical side of music and owned his own recording studios. Armed with an arsenal of talent and skills, DeGregoris’ collaboration with Nils and Jeff Lorber on “All In Good Time” was majestic. Significantly different from his first two albums, Al describes “All In Good Time” as “organic.” It was recorded live with some of the finest musicians in the industry.

Al and I discuss the new album and what he admired most about working with Nils and Lorber:

Al DeGregoris
Al DeGregoris

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