Rob “Fonksta” Bacon will release debut single August 2, 2016 “Cause & E-Funk” (featuring The P-Funk Horns and Amp Fiddler) in honor of the late Bernie Worrell.


Rob Bacon, also known as Rob “Fonksta” Bacon to fans around the world, is set to release his personal tribute to a Funk pioneer: legendary musician Bernie Worrell. Rob Bacon–guitarist, bassist, composer, producer, and artist–didn’t have to look far when creating “Cause & E-Funk.” In his personal quaint studio, Rob conjured up everything that existed within the deepest parts of his soul.

“Cause & E-Funk” features the original P-Funk horns (Bennie Cowan and Greg Thomas) and Detroit Funk legend Amp Fiddler on piano and synthesizers. “Cause & E-Funk” is Rob’s personal dedication to the memory of legendary musician and P-Funk alumni Bernie Worrell. The single was produced, arranged, and composed by Bacon. Reminiscing on the heyday of pure, un-cut funk, Rob was compelled to record an instrumental Dance Funk jam. He was driven to capture and celebrate the essence of classic Parliament-Funkadelic as well as conjure memories of fun and funky times he experienced while growing up in his hometown of Detroit.

Rob’s funky interweaving of guitars and synth bass are the glue that holds it all together. Bennie Cowan (trumpet) and Greg Thomas (saxophone) of the P-Funk Horns provide ridiculously funky horn riffs, and Rob’s Detroit Funk comrade Amp Fiddler nods to the legendary Bernie Worrell with clever and tasty piano and synthesizer fills.

“Cause & E-Funk” is set to be released on August 2nd, 2016 and will be available for download via all digital outlets worldwide. CDs of the single will be available soon after. For more information and inquiries contact and stay tuned to the Rob “Fonksta” Bacon Facebook page for updates.

Monica H. Murphy


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